A company focused on whole-crop utilization

Sustainable Biocomposites: taking advantage of the unique characteristics in natural fibres.


Natural Fibre Technologies products are socially and ecologically responsible. They are made from locally sourced, rapidly renewable resources that often outperform traditional materials.


Processed Bulk Hemp Fibre & Hurd

We produce processed hemp fibre and hurd for our own products, but also for companies that produce their own products and materials.

Please reach out to us if you would like to talk about using hemp for yourself.


Hemp Bast Fibre

Hemp bast fibres are remarkably strong and lightweight. Already used for everything from clothing to automotive composites, hemp bast is an extremely versatile product.

Natural Fibre Technologies sells bulk fibre in a variety of grades. We can also custom fabricate fibre mats of different configurations.


Hemp HUrd

The soft core of the hemp stalk (hurd) is light, dust-free and is highly absorbent.

Natural Fibre Technologies produces bulk hurd in a range of grades for different applications. We also use hurd internally for our more value added products.

Commercial BioFibre Products

Natural Fibre Technologies has developed a range of products and applications for hemp fibre and hurd for use in industrial and construction applications. While we offer a line of basic products, we are also able to accommodate custom inquiries depending on volume.



Made completely from hemp material reclaimed from agricultural production, BioFibre Boards are excellent for architectural millwork and acoustic dampening applications.


BioFibre Block

A mixture of cement and reclaimed agricultural hemp, BioFibre Blocks have a beautiful texture, and are remarkably lightweight, breathable, and strong.


BioFibre Mat

Made from reclaimed agricultural fibres, BioFibre Mats are suitable for a wide number of uses and applications: ranging from weed control, to compression molding. Available in a number of configurations and thicknesses, our mats are  an exceptionally useful product. They can often replace conventional mat products

Teru BioComposite Goods

Made almost entirely of reclaimed agricultural hemp, our Teru line of home and office goods show the beauty of natural hemp biocomposites.

These products show the minimum of what is possible with agricultural biofibre.. If you are interested in product design or development we'd be happy to connect.