Natural Fibre Technologies is a venture 20 years in the making. It all started with a simple vision to use bio-waste to make useable goods.


Natural Fibre Technologies is a continuation of TTS’s drive to create partnerships for the commercialization of its sustainable biocomposite technologies.

In 1998, Tam Tekle launched TTS—a research and development firm—with a deliberate intent to develop value-added products using by-products from forestry and agricultural production. The company quickly acquired an international reputation for technical and innovative excellence, building a list of consulting clients that include Canfor, Dieffenbacher, Domtar, International Paper, Modern Laminated Timber, Nelson Pine Industries, Schweitzer-Mauduit, and West Fraser Timber.

By 2006, the company developed a suite of green building products, and began pursuing partnerships for commercial production. The first commercial spin-off, BioComposites Group, launched in 2013 and TTS led the development of the multi-million dollar engineered fibre mat plant in Drayton Valley, Alberta.

Natural Fibre Technologies is a continuation of TTS’s drive to create partnerships for the commercialization of their remaining sustainable biocomposites technology. NFT exists to pair TTS's unique products and technology provider with agricultural and production relationships across Western Canada. This makes Natural Fibre Technologies the first vertically integrated company in the world embracing the concept of “Whole Crop Utilization”.

What we do

Natural Fibre Technologies processes agricultural material—particularly hemp—grown by food producing strategic partners across Western Canada. With a production facility in Nisku Alberta, NFT is the first commercial hemp processing plant in Alberta.

We make clean hemp hurd and fibre available for bulk sales but at the same time, we are also diverting material into the production of value added products for CBD exctraction feedstock, industrial inputs, the construction industry, and consumer products for home and office.

Our Philosophy

Natural Fibre Technologies is committed to a sustainable future. Our focus is developing products that make the lowest impact on the environment, the highest return on investment, and the greatest benefit to the communities where our plants are located.

We believe that business can create shared value: value that simultaneously yields more profit and greater social impact, resulting in powerful transformations and opportunities for growth and innovation in both business and society.

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Our Leadership


Tam Tekle

BSc. (Honors) Wood Science
Fellow of Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining

Tam is a recognized leader in bio-material research and development. For 20 years, he has been an in-demand advisor for his depth of knowledge and on-demand prototyping capabilities. Tam's personal vision is to turn what we might see as waste, and turn it into useable products.

While Tam heads up the formation of NFT, he continues to lead TTS as a research and product development firm providing a seamless R&D pipeline for success of NFT.



Jesse hahn

Vice President Venture Development
BSc. Environmental Economics & Policy

As a Professional Agrologist Jesse has worked extensively in the reclamation and remediation industry including waste management. As NFT’s resident P.Ag, Jesse provides valuable insights for the company and for clients about the cannabis plant as an agricultural crop.

As the Hemp correspondent for the Alberta Council of Technologies, he has demonstrated ability to convene industry participants for the purposes of business development, stakeholder education and sharing of best practices.

Management Advisory Team

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Sean McKay is President of Honger Innovations, a company focused on assisting advanced manufacturing and industrial bioproducts companies in the development and commercialization of new technologies. Mr. McKay has over 39 years of experience in the aerospace, ground transportation, industrial and biomaterials sectors. Previously, he held senior management and engineering positions at the Composites Innovation Centre, Acetek Composites, Boeing Canada Technology and British Aerospace. He is a board member of Technology Access Centre for Advanced Manufacturing at Red River College and an advisor to the Biosciences Association of Manitoba. 

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Joe Batty CPA CA

Joseph Batty is a Chartered Accountant with a long history of executive financial management and is a leading authority on intangibles and the financing of knowledge rich companies. Joe has held many corporate directorships and senior management positions, including a three-year tenure as CEO of a Canadian electronics group. During his tenure as VP of Finance at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), Joe's interest and involvement in intangibles led to his spearheading a technology transfer liaison program between NAIT professional staff and industry. Two decades later, the Liaison Program remains a vital source of innovation for Canadian companies. With more than 40 years of experience in finance and accounting, Joe demonstrates a proven track record of helping business – large and small – set up financial systems in support of their strategic goals and objectives.

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Robert McGarvey

Robert is an economist, petroleum geologist and former senior executive.  Robert is a strategist specializing in the intangible asset revolution. For the past decade he's been helping senior management adjust to major changes impacting the global economy. He's an author and regular columnist with Troy Media, commenting extensively on the strategic changes impacting global capitalism. Robert has been an Executive Committee Member of the U.K.-based Economic Research Council (ERC) since 1991 ( and a co-founder with Andrew Watson and Joseph Batty of Rethinking Capital Limited.

Over the course of his career, he has held a variety of senior management positions. Robert began his career as a petroleum geologist in the oil industry in Calgary, Canada, and went on to become the Managing Director of Merlin Consulting, a London, U.K.-based consulting firm. 

Robert was Head of Strategy for Beckett Advisors, a Los Angeles based management consulting agency where he worked with a broadly based team to provide corporate strategy as well as integrated growth and marketing solutions to customers.  Clients included: Nikon, Dow, Viacom Paramount, Phillips/Magnavox, Casablanca, Exxon, Bayer, Critical Path Technologies Inc., Sundance Spas Inc., American Purification Inc., InfoGraphic Systems Inc. Keri Systems Inc., Trend Plastics, Luminent Inc., Bourns Inc., Carmichael International Service, Toro Inc.

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Perry Kinkaide, MSc, PhD, CMC is an accomplished manager and visionary, a change agent with passion and perspective. Since retiring in 2001, Perry has remained active as an advisor and director for several diverse public and private organizations. He is the Founder (2005) and Past-President of the Alberta Council of Technologies Society.

His pre-retirement positions include Canadian Knowledge Management Practice Leader and Managing Partner for KPMG Consulting in Edmonton (1987-2001). Assistant Deputy Minister, Director of Privatization and Funding Reform, Edmonton Regional Director and Regional Coordinator of Services for the Handicapped with the Alberta Government (1972-1986). He received his BA from Colgate University in 1964, MSc in 1967 and PhD from the University of Alberta in 1972 in Brain Research.

Perry currently serves as secretary of the Canadian/Alberta Fusion Technology Alliance and Director of the Alberta Cell Therapy Alliance. He recently retired as the elected Director at Large for the Certified Management Consultants of Canada and appointee of the Alberta Government to the Alberta Public Planners Institute and the Certified Management Accountants of Alberta. He is the co-founder of several Alberta technology alliances for advancing cell therapy, cleantech, and fusion technology. He is also an advisor to Troy Media and Pleasant Solutions, director of Varafy Corporation and the Salu Design Group, and retired from General Credit Solutions and Visionstate.