A company focused on whole-crop utilization

Whole Crop Utilization: Sustainability at its premium.


The waste biomaterial from agricultural production is the most under-utilized rapidly renewable resource on the planet. Natural Fibre Technologies (NFT) is the first vertically integrated company processing agricultural fibre in Canada; connecting all aspects of the value chain from bulk biofibre to manufactured sustainable biocomposites.


Natural Fibre Technologies makes products made from the world's underused rapid-renewables.


NFT is the result of a strategic partnership with over 35 cumulative years of experience in research, product development, producer and customer relationships. We are a leading developer of local, sustainable biocomposites for the construction and furniture industries, the automotive industry and consumer markets. Our history, background, and strategic partnerships make us well-suited to continue playing a leadership role in the ever-growing sustainable biocomposites market.

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Our line of products are the outcome of intense research and product development. These represent a starting portfolio of products that will be continually developed via our R&D and market partnerships.

Bulk Fibre & Hurd

High-quality hemp fibre and hurd for commercial manufacturing, garden mulch, and animal bedding.

Commercial BioFibre Products

BioFibre boards, blocks and mats for architectural, millwork, and other industrial uses.

Teru BioComposite Goods

Goods designed for the office and home made out of recyclable biocomposites.


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