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Market News: NFT’s Next Gen Fibreplastics

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Market News: NFT’s Next Gen Fibreplastics 744 0

Today’s manufactures expect more from their products: more flexible, stronger, more durable, less costly, more environmentally and socially responsible. Enter the world of NFT’s next generation fibreplastics, which takes us beyond supplying raw material for your fibreplastics needs to supplying you with our own unique chemistry, custom made to your specifications.

NFT has created a range of fibreplastic products to test weather resistance, corrosion, impact resistance, strength, beauty, colour, thermal properties and recyclability. We are currently concluding final testing of our unique fibreplastic blends with a major Canadian university. Once concluded, we will be opening the door wide for manufacturers to get the best of all world’s: NFT’s quality clean fibre and hurd combined with polymers in our own blends, which together creates a new and unique entry into a market hungry for versatility, extensibility and value.

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