CBD Feedstock - Not all CBD biomass is created equal.

Natural Fibre Technologies will help you dry, homogenize and test your hemp derived CBD and other phytocannabinoid biomass, maximizing your yields. We will even help you find a market for it and match processors with producers.

Hemp derived chaff is the byproduct of harvesting the crop for seed.  The leaves, flowers and bracts, while only a small proportion of the overall biomass of the cannabis plant, are still quite valuable when handled properly. 

In October 2018 farmers in Canada were granted the legal right to collect this valuable biomass and sell it to licensed processors in the cannabis industry. With close farmer relationships across the prairies, NFT is uniquely positioned to supply and add value to hemp derived phytocannabinoids for licensed processors while simultaneously maximizing hemp chaff value for farmers.

When it comes to CBD extraction, great inputs mean great outputs.

As process experts, we know your output is dependent on the consistency of your input. As a result, NFT has taken the initiative to homogenize, standardize and analyze CBD input, optimizing inputs to ensure a clean, consistent, and high quality output.

Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize the value from your hemp derived CBD feedstocks.